1.Time Interval Meter for Circuit Breakers

  • Make – Scope T&M Private Limited
  • Model – SCOT M2K+
  • Single instrument can test all types of CBs – LV, HV & EHV.
  • Comparison possible with Manufacturer’s test result by measuring C, O & C-O timings directly in milli-seconds.
  • Saves down time, indicates no
  • n-simultaneity of operation as it measures the timing of 3 poles simultaneously.
  • Assessment of break to break timing variation – Measurement of individual break timings.
  • Easy to use – self guided operation through interactive menu and keyboard.
  • CB operated through instrument facilitating accurate measurement.
  • Designed to work reliably under live EHV switchyard conditions ensuring operator’s safety and repeatability of results.
  • Tamperproof test results through Inbuilt Thermal Printer
  • Smart Self-diagnostics and calibration date tracking facility.

2. Contact Resistance Measurement

  • Make – Scope T&M Private Limited
  • Model – CRM 100B
  • Designed to measure micro-ohmic contact resistances of various Test Objects – Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Bus-bar joints, Welded joints etc.
  • Quick & simple tool to assess heat dissipation inside CB interrupter without opening it.
  • Measures the mili-volt drop in presence of high induced charge environment of kilo-volts.
  • In-built 100 A DC source and direct display of micro-ohm valueSingle compact instrumentNo need to spend time in bridge balancingNo need of manual calculationFacilitates comparison with Manufacturer’s test result
  • No need to compensate lead resistance as Kelvin’s Four wire measurement method is used
  • Designed to work reliably under live EHV switchyard conditions ensuring operatoras safety and repeatability of results.

3. Winding Resistance Meter

  • Make – Scope T&M Private Limited
  • Model – TRM 104
  • Designed to measure DC winding resistance of highly inductive test objects -Transformers, Generators, Motors etc. for field testing as well as for factory testing.
  • Winding Resistance Meter designed for large transformers up to 315MVA.
  • Quick stabilization of reading even on large test objects by deploying high open circuit voltage.
  • Available for continuous testing – powerful, truly continuous DC source with excellent heat management through forced cooling.
  • Injects test current of 10A DC for measuring winding resistance as high as 200 Ohm.
  • Saves down time, measurement of resistance of 2 windings simultaneously.
  • Measures the mili-volt drop in presence of high induced charge environment of kilo-volts.
  • Single compact instrument.

4. Three Phase Protection Relay Test Set Universal Calibrator

  • Make – Omicron
  • Model – CMC 256 Plus

The CMC 256 plus is the universal solution for testing protection relays and calibrating electricity meters of up to class 0.2, transducers, power quality meters and synchro-phasor measurement devices (IEEE C37.118). It is the right choice for all applications requiring the highest versatility and precision. The unique accuracy over the complete amplitude range makes the CMC 256plus also ideal for site testing & acceptance testing or device calibration.

Features & Benefits

  • Testing of all relay generations (electromechanical, static, numerical, IEC 61850 IEDs).
  • The signal sources are the reference; no additional reference meters are required.
  • 14 voltage / current generators in one device.
  • Test Universe software with unrivaled manual and automatic testing functionality.
  • OMICRON Protection Testing Library & test templates for the most important relays.
  • Highest quality, safety, reliability and robustness.

5. Automatic Capacitance & Tan Delta Test Set

  • Make – Eltel
  • Model – ACTS-12K Plus
  • Eltel Automatic Capacitance & Tan Delta test set is designed to conduct Power Factor tests on electrical insulation.
  • The test set is capable of automatically measuring the insulation Power Factor of multi-terminal equipment at voltages ranging from less than 1 KV up to 12 KV.
  • Being equipped with two measuring leads, the test sets can measure all the quantities associated with multi-terminal electrical power equipment.
  • In addition to measuring the Capacitance and Power Factor of insulation, the test sets can measure the excitation current of transformers and other equipments.

Objectives of the Test:-
Tan Delta, also called Loss Angle or Dissipation Factor testing, is a diagnostic method of testing cables, bushings & windings of transformer, generators, and large motors to determine the quality of the insulation. This is done to try to predict the remaining life expectancy and in order to prioritize the corrective actions. It is also useful for determining what other tests may be worthwhile.


6. Thermal Imaging Camera 

  • Make – FLIR
  • Model – E30
  • Thermal Imagers capture image of infrared energy or temperature.

Thermal Imaging, detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the user to discover problems prior to costly downtime.


7. Power Quality Analyzer

  • Make: Fluke
  • Model: 435

POWER QUALITY ANALYZER435 is a compact, easy to operate, and affordable power quality measurement instrument.

Power measurement functions have been enhanced and display screen capabilities have been added for time series graphs of voltage, current and power, as well as energy consumption and demand graph displays.


  • Measure power factor
  • Flicker
  • Transients
  • Harmonics
  • High Frequency transient
  • Detection and waveform display
  • Four current and Four voltage channel

Basic Instruments

  • Primary Current Injection Source ( 0 – 1500/3000 A)
  • Primary Current Injection Source ( 0 – 1000 / 2000 A)
  • Secondary Injection Kit With Timer (0 – 5,25,100 A)
  • Transformer Winding Resistance Meter (XWRM10 : Motwani)
  • Insulation Tester (0 – 250V – 500V, 5000V Digital)
  • DC / AC Variable Voltage Bench
  • HV Tester – 5KV / 10KV / 50KV
  • AC / DC Digital Tong Tester (1000V & 1000A)
  • Digital Infrared Temperature Meter
  • Digital Resistance Measurement Meter Polarity Tester
  • Mili Volt Drop Test Meter
  • Insulation Tester (0 – 1000V & 500 MΩ)
  • Digital Motor Checker
  • PT testing Kit 63.5V/110VAC
  • Digital Earth Tester
  • Digital Multi function Multi meter
  • DC High pot Test Kit 0-30 KV DC
  • General Purpose Tool Kit
  • DC high pot test Kit 0 – 70 KV DC
  • General Purpose Tool Kit
  • Leakage Current Testers