Sanscriti Electric India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to continual HSE improvement in its operations , Services through active participation of our employees and the community. It shall take all reasonable measures at its disposal to protect the health and safety of its personnel as well as to protect the environment in which it operates.

The Company firmly believes that sound HSE performance is key to ensuring sustainable business and shall thus be considered as integral part in business decision making process.

As its policy objectives, Sanscriti Electric India Pvt. Ltd shall:

  1. Observe and comply with all HSE statutory requirements within our area of operations.
  2. Mitigate the consequences of all types of incidents/accidents having potential harmful effect on personnel, assets and/or the environment.
  3. Use commonly accepted levels of good Electrical field HSE practice.
  4. Establish transparent HSE performance criteria and communicate them constructively internally and to interested parties.
  5. Hold all levels of management, staff accountable for HSE within their areas of responsibility.
  6. Develop a positive HSE culture throughout the company through effective communication and training.
  7. Conduct HSE reviews and audits in order to identify shortcomings within the organisation and ensure compliance with local, international and corporate standards and regulations.
  8. Develop and implement a Risk Assessment-based approach in conducting business operations.

In addition, Sanscriti Electric India Pvt. Ltd shall :

  1. Establish good relations with local communities based on constructive mutual dialogue with regulators, community representatives, local authorities as well as other concerned parties on HSE and security matters of common interest.
  2. Ensure optimal security standards are maintained to protect personnel, company assets and information.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement.