Product Life

ACB’s go through product life cycles as with every other manufactured part on offer today. Most manufacturers declare a product lifetime, depending on operating conditions and operation cycles. This could be as long as 15 years in ideal conditions.

During this period the product may be superseded by a new and improved version and after a set period parts will no longer be available for the products you have on your site.

Regular maintenance will help avoid issues and downtime but eventually it makes good site practice to update your circuit breakers with a current and supportable option.

Upgrading or Retrofitting your ACBs

Sanskriti Engineering can offer advice on the products you currently have, advise if they are supportable and help supply you with contingency spares or discuss upgrading your ACBs.

We have long served experience in upgrading/ retro-fitting ACBs, and this can be done in most cases, in your sites existing distribution panels to avoid large refit costs.

Surveying & Planning

Following a request or discussion for a product upgrade we will carry out a full survey on site.

We can then give you a plan of works, with emphasis on cost and minimizing downtime to your client or business.

Specialist Teams

We have dedicated teams of Engineers to perform upgrades of all sizes.  This enables us to carry out all works required to the ACB, chassis, cabinets, copperwork and cabling efficiently on your site.

Example ACB Product Life Cycle for Mitsubishi ACBs:

  • AE-SW 2005> – Current product & parts fully available.
  • AE-SS 1989 – 2005 – Obsolete & no manufacturer stock
  • AE-S up-to 1988 – Obsolete & no manufacturer stock